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Business Central Music Men - Jeff Vee and Tommy Vee

Rockhouse Productions is a multi-faceted music company in the historic 1st National Bank building on Main Street, St. Joseph, MN.


Music has the power to entertain, elicit emotion, and heal.  It is a universal language that can bring a joyful moment or touch people at their deepest levels.  There is nothing more powerful than a community coming together, from all ages and walks of life, to share in a musical experience.


Founded in 1989 as a recording studio and production company by 60's SINGING LEGEND BOBBY VEE and his sons Jeff & Tommy,  Rockhouse quickly grew into a full-service event production, artist management, and talent booking company.


As a family, they traveled the world making music and saw first-hand the power of music as it transported people to places of special memories, created new memories, and above all brought joy ...

Bobby Vee Joetown Rocks
Jeff Vee, Bobby Vee, Tommy Vee
Jeff Vee and Tommy Vee
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